For Rania and Kostas, this photoshoot was not exactly a ”next day”, but anyone could say that it was a ”next year” photoshooting, as we had the pleasure of photoshooting and filming them almost a year later after their wedding.

For one more time we had the same question: Where should we go for the photoshooting? Should we go to Pouria or the statue of Brooke or to a magnificent beach, honestly with this couple the place had no importance at all. Rania took of her wedding high heels and wore her climbing shoes and we head to the southern wild scenery of Skyros island for a rock-lunar photoshooting that could easily have the title ‘’Photoshooting on the Red Planet Mars … or we may say Photoshooting on Ari.

What we do for couples, the work we give them is just for them, completely personalized. Talking about Rania who acted like a Hollywood Movie star and her husband Kostas who was posing like he was a leading character from the famous Cinecitta, the place had no importance at all. The stars were these guys and not the photographer. That’s what we do and that’s why unique and magnificent couples choose us, because the photos and films we give them are specially made for them and their children and their families.

That is exactly what we are trying to give them, the cinema feeling of a movie set and making them feel more of a star than they really are.