To be honest I always thought that a wedding was more important than a christening or baptism as many say. Being always openminded and eager to listen to my partners I started thinking more deeply to a question that made me think. Is your child’s baptism or christening more important than your wedding?

That is really tough and it depends on how you see it. As years gone by, I started changing my opinion about that. Our child’s baptism can definetely be more important. Your child will grow up eventually and will be more eager to watch it’s baptism photos and videos rather than your wedding. It is a priceless moment to watch how it’s parents were on it’s baptism big day and how they felt in front of that unique event. That is what i tend and try to do, to freeze the moment and make the feeling come out of a frame. To be more correct and speaking as a photographer and Director, we do not sell photos or videos we sell memories for you and your family.

*For reasons of security and protection of children’s digital identity, we do not publish photos with children under the rules of Electronic Crime Prosecution Division